Project Transformation North Texas

Project Transformation transforms communities by engaging children, college-age young adults, and churches in purposeful relationships.


Uncharted Ministries

Uncharted Ministries Informs, Inspires and Challenges, the Body of Christ to join the movement of God among both Jews and Muslims in the Middle East and in uncharted territories around the world.


Men of Nehemiah

Men of Nehemiah is a Christian organization designed to rebuild the lives of men and families that have been torn apart by the vicious onslaught of poverty, homelessness, substance abuse, crime and violence.


GFM Ministries

GFM Ministries is a Christian organization that brings holistic, self-sustaining solutions to poverty with the love and hope of Christ; serving over 250,000 people in hundreds of rural villages with community-transforming projects like economic development, education, medical aid, and more.

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Tulsa Boys’ Home

Tulsa Boys’ Home provides the highest quality residential care for young boys needing placement outside their home, for the purpose of developing well-adjusted, responsible adults and strengthening the family.


e3 Partners/Not Forgotten

e3 Partners equips God’s people to evangelize his word and establish his church. Not Forgotten seeks to elevate women to the Biblical place of honor reserved for them in Christ.


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