TEB Foundation, Inc. awards grants to a broad variety of charitable and educational organizations. A particular emphasis is placed on organizations that advance one of the following areas of interest:


  • Mental health and wellness


  • Physical and spiritual health and well-being


  • Education


  • Disaster relief


The Foundation does not award grants to the following types of organizations or for the following purposes:


  • Private foundations, including private operating foundations


  • Individuals or families


  • Political organizations, political candidates, lobbyists or related organizations


  • Fraternal or social groups, athletic teams, bands or similar organizations


  • International organizations that do not have Section 501(c)(3) determination letters from the IRS


  • Agencies that redistribute grant funds



The Foundation typically awards and funds grants quarterly. Grant applications are generally considered at the next scheduled Board meeting, but consideration may be delayed if the application is incomplete, or for other reasons, in the Board’s discretion. The Grant Application is due no later than the first day of the preceding month before the next Directors’ meeting. Meetings are held January, April, July and October. An organization may make no more than one grant request to the Foundation in any one calendar year. 


Cover Letter with Grant Application:

Each grant applicant is required to include a cover letter with its grant application that summarizes the grant request and includes the amount of funding requested, the timeframe over which the funding is to occur, and a brief summary of the scope of the programs and activities to which the funding will be directed.


Changes and Reservations:

These Grant Guidelines and the attached Grant Application are subject to change for any reason and at any time by the Foundation, and the Foundation reserves the right to require further information or documentation and to deny any grant request for any reason.